A Little About Me


Artistic Statement


As a realist painter, realism to me essentially represents the ultimate degree of painting; it allows me to effectively synthesize a range of different techniques such as minimalism, photography and installations. When painting in realism, I am always fascinated by the visual intimacy of my creations. Realist painting involves a rather dynamic interaction that has no formulas, is inventive and constantly pushes the limits of both my creativity and skill in a tenacious quest to achieve and perfect, the value of human effort. Each piece I do is a new challenge; it is one more step in the realist painting process of immersion that involves exhilaration, spontaneity, contemplation, deliberation and sometimes even frustration. I consider these paintings to be the ultimate artistic challenge.

I always try to capture the subject of my painting in a dynamic static pose that is able to convey both brightness and movement. I focus on the essential, the spiritual oneness of my subject; I bring out the magnificent connection between my subject and the universe. Painting in realism allows me to magnify small elements; it is by merging these small elements that the painting is given a mystical quality. This mystical quality in turn causes the painting as a whole to magically be endowed with a life of its own.

In creating my paintings, I first identify the motif for my work by a process of careful observation. For me, the process of creating a painting is not only technical; it also involves intellectual, spiritual and deeply emotional dimensions. I try to cause my paintings to be works of beauty and sense. Although I never paint while thinking of what will be the probable opinion of those who will view my work, I strongly desire for people to comfortably live all their lives with my paintings and each time they look at my work, these paintings should stir in them brand new emotions and interpretations.
I always strive to improve my art, painting the most beautiful pictures possible each time I pick up my brush and palette. I would feel extremely fulfilled if future artists would look at my work, and desire to produce art like mine.

Katy Kann